Overall framework of “the Belt and Road (OBOR)” big data

National “OBOR” big data center co-built by IZP and National Development and Reform Commission Information Center will undertake the construction of “OBOR” database and offer market and professional service support to governments, enterprises and organizations in different countries though different types of comprehensive service platform networks worldwide.

“OBOR” big data center is an important information infrastructure of “OBOR” strategy, building of “OBOR” big data center will help the governments and enterprises along the line understand basic information, economic dynamics, industry dynamics, latest news, latest policies and social public opinions, etc. of each region and help them better make investment and development.

Big data alliance of the big data center, adhering to the principle of co-sharing and co-construction, attracts governments, enterprises, scientific research institution and other organizations at all regions, collects various information, such as geographical environment information, social environment information, population and employment information, economic and industrial base information, policies and regulations of all countries and regions and provides domestic and foreign enterprises and financial institutions with finance, trade investment, engineering contracting, tourism & culture, precision marketing and other information service worldwide and provides scientific institutions with latest information service related to science development, university information sharing and interconnection service and other information service.

“OBOR” big data platform will collect global port trade, finance, GIS information, domestic and foreign statistics and industry business data as well as domestic and foreign internet data, data of mainstream news media and social media and other mass data, and analyze, mine and apply them. Now the platform has collected the data of 64 foreign countries along the line and continued to increase data memory at a flow increment of 100TB each day. In addition, the platform will develop versions of various languages including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish French and Arabic, give data support and decision-making support to relevant national departments for “OBOR” planning and coordination, share “OBOR” information with foreign countries and provide effective information and service to domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations or individuals that take part in “OBOR” construction.

Global layout

At the key strategic node of “OBOR”, the state builds OBOR big data sub-center

Build big data alliance and prepare uniform big data collection standard to initiate global big data alliance to help countries along the line to better make investment and development.

Application fields: Finance, trade, education and health care, etc.

Construction of domestic regional sub-center

In Hainan – Create “one institute, one valley and one center” innovative development engine of big data in Hainan and create a highland of big data development talents, data and industry so as to provide big data service support for the development of 12 key industries in Hainan.

In Yunnan – Co-build South Asia sub-center of “OBOR” big data center and build it into a regional “OBOR” big data center radiating the countries along the Maritime Silk Road.

In Shanxi – Co-build Northwest Asia sub-center of “OBOR” big data center and build it into a regional “OBOR” big data center radiating the Northwest area and the countries along the Silk Road economic belt.

In Guiyang – Co-build Guiyang sub-center of “OBOR” big data center and gradually develop it into an important node and strategy platform for the country to develop big data industry at the southwestern region.

In Dalian – Co-build Northeast Asia sub-center of “OBOR” big data center and build it into a regional “OBOR” big data center radiating the Northeast area.

“OBOR” big data alliance and standard

Big data alliance, with an attitude of open and merging data sharing and taking big data center as a core node, runs through Asia, Europe and Africa continents along the “OBOR”, starting from active East Asia economic circle, by way of Central Asia, West Asia, the Persian Gulf and the developed Europe economic circle, and finally realizes global big data alliance system gradually.

Big data alliance, relying on international channel on shore and the support of central cities along the line, accepts and absorbs deep, accurate and professional data of each industry to help all alliance members to share global big data information through the open platform of big data alliance; data information includes overall information of all countries and regions, economy and industry information, policy and regulation information, investment and trade information, science research institutions-related information, enterprise and relevant organization information, tourism and cultural exchange information, social public opinion information, major event information and other field information, creating an open data ecosystem through which alliance members contact and interconnect with each other.

Sharing principle and organization pattern of the big data alliance are based on the fundamental principle of “sharing and use; benefit and responsibility”. All data source members joining big data alliance can share other data in the alliance according to their contribution; the members of big data analysis, application, output and benefited members shall be responsible for all errors or negative results if their output results cause some errors or negative application and influence.

IZP Big Data Big data service for two sessions of CCTV for four successive years

Community with a Common Future

《Community with a Common Future》 was a new big data news program launched by CCTV during the National Day in 2015, a special report made by CCTV on “OBOR”. The program, by cooperating with National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Bank of China, National Bureau of Statistics, National Information Center, various industry associations and other institutions and big data company IZP to mine 100 million GB data, eventually told the interconnection among the 65 countries along “OBOR” line and the close relationship related to the living of more than 4 billion common people and presented a unprecedented connection among “OBOR” countries in the perspective of big data.

Big data of two sessions

During the two sessions in three successive years from 2013 to 2015, IZP cooperated with CCTV to launch a special program Big Data of Two Sessions. IZP uses its advanced big data engine to process mass data, including search data of domestic and foreign engines, website and scanning data, social media data, mobile device data, etc. The special program made an all-round data analysis and processing from time, place, population, media and other aspects, focusing on collection of the opinions of population and media and collection of program clues based on interactive feedback of government report and report of NPC and two sessions, effectively supporting successful broadcast of the program.

《"The Belt and Road" big data report 2016》

The first national "The belt and road" big data Report 2016 was release at 28th October,this report use big data technology to comprehensively assessment the construction progress and effectiveness of the belt and road, including the cooperation index along the OBOR countries as well as the participation index of domestic province and cities,This report was guided by promotion the belt and road construction word leading group office,and editing by the national information center the belt and road big data center,The main data and technical support was fully provided by IZP Group.