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  • CIS has signed the strategic cooperative agreement with IZP group and Karamay government to promote the national OBOR big data center together


    In the afternoon of December 8th, 2015, CIS has held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperative agreement with Karamay government and IZP group to promote the establishment of national OBOR big data center. The CIS executive deputy director Duping、office director Zhangxueying、deputy director of Information Technology Research Department Yushiyang、deputy director of Public Technology Service department Yangshaoliang, Karamay mayor Zhanghongyan、Standing Committee Duyong、deputy mayor Qianminghua, the president of IZP group Luofeng、vice-president of IZP group Huangsuzhi, besides, the principals of information research department and Public Technology Service Department has attended the signing ceremony.
    According to the cooperative agreement, CIS. Karamay government and IZP will focus on the development of “big data” application to promote the cooperative platform with the requirement of professional、openness and mechanism, adopting the new concept、new mechanism and new entity to promote the platform construction of OBOR big data center and to set up the “OBOR” big data union together and boost the comprehensive ability to decision-making section to provide big data service so that to strengthen the competitive advantages of big data service with the requirement of society domestically and overseas