Globebill is a leading cross-border payment platform in China. Its business covers 104 countries and regions. It cooperates with 62 global counterparties to provide Internet payment and bank card collection service. It has international credit card and overseas local payment, Cross-border e-commerce foreign exchange / RMB payment, POS receipts and other products.

Globebill has the strongest wind-control capability in Asia, adopting the world's top seven wind control tools, it passed the first international card organization PCI certification, established the most perfect wind control system, and it has the first anti-fraud black card Database in China, it is becoming the only online credit card risk prevention center and the risk database with the payment company.

At the same time, Globebill fully integrated residents identity ID system to lay the basis for real-name payment system, comprehensive coverage of the life of the various payment scenarios, and to provide users with a full range of financial services.

Globebill adhering to the "steady progress, customer first" service concept, adhere to the user satisfaction and user experience as the center, and constantly improve the online and offline payment service system.

NGP financial ecology

Through supervision layer, platform layer, business layer and terminal layer; KYC system, risk control system, credit system and intersection & connectivity system, Panpay establishes the next-generation payment system. Safeguarding the safety bottom line, and making innovations in payment means, we provide users with holistic services in finance and payment, thus ensuring the safe and efficient financial channel for economic growth.

HuaChu is the Globebill’s innovative science payment product that based on the identity authentication, include urban management, people daily life and all kinds of daily services. Realize the integration of existing information construction and related resources, building the unified Information data exchange & share platform and data center, with a view to the development of future wisdom city, lay emphasis on government public management, financial service, social security, consumption, get through the Each department service barrier,  to achieve an organic whole of the government public service, social service, business service, financial service, and provide the series services to meet the demand of common People's Daily life, in order to provide citizens with convenient, fast, high-quality and safe payment services.


The next development stage of Internet third-party payment agency is the transformation upgrading of comprehensive financial platform based on big data, which is also an absolute trend of transition of global banks and financial industry. Globebill takes the initiative to establish FINE (Finance in Enterprise, bank at your home), which is an innovative mode to provide more convenient financial services for quite a few enterprises on the basis of Internet.

The services will be extended to the whole upstream and downstream industry chains centered on core enterprises, so as to transform to the new FINE mode in combination of industry chain and financial chain.

Large leading enterprises usually have thousands of and hundreds of upstream and downstream supportive enterprise clusters. FINE platform will start from core leading enterprises, integrating transaction information stream, logistics, capital flow and other information among leading enterprises and relevant upstream and downstream enterprises. For one hand, the fund settlement among them will enjoy convenient service; for another, a financial service system will be built towards upstream and downstream ecosystem of enterprises via full understanding of transaction data of the whole industry chain, for the purpose of providing comprehensive, initiative, customized and refined financial services for the whole industry chain, in order to extend the financial service mode from previously single enterprise client to the whole industry cluster.

The FINE platform is able to accumulate a large number of enterprise data and form a lot of industry cluster, as well as collect huge cross-border capital pool, so as to truly realize the transformation of industry chain and financial chain for the enterprise financial services.

Trade Link is based on exchange industry, which is dedicated to provide transaction and payment which are the satiable supply chain of each cooperative party to clients. In allusion to the characteristics of large industry trade volume, high trade trust cost for all participants and strong funds security, make the targeted and customized Internet payment industry solution. Product features: Real-Time Query, Real-Time Transfer, Premium Account Checking System, High Security, Flexibility.