About port alliance

IZP and China Merchants Group establish a joint venture company Silk Road E-Merchants to co-build global port alliance platform. Now the platform has covered 29 ports and 55 wharfs in the world, with annual cargo handling capacity of 80 million standard containers. Global port alliance platform creates a new port ecosystem based on innovative customs clearance standard, transnational clearance mode and application of port big data.

Three upgrades of port alliance

New port resources allocation pattern based on “Internet +” & “big data +”

Integrated customs clearance

"A carrier with a boat":Build a new trade ecosystem including"front port-middle warehouse-Rear Park abroad"

Integrated trade clearing and settlement

Construction of “Global port alliance” widely welcomed

China Merchants Group and IZP joint venture Silk Road Station signed an all-round cooperation agreement with Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi, the governor of Djibouti Free Trade Area.