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  • Luo Feng: 80% of the iceberg under water lets me feel excited (IT leader)


    Big data is now one of the most popular industries. As the leading Big data and cross-border e-commerce company, IZP group is one of only two companies that have facilitated presidential election through Big data. In 2013, IZP’s Big data system facilitated the President of a country to win the presidential election campaign. Another is in the United States, it helped the Obama team gained 5 million votes by Big data.

    For many people, IZP is mysterious. Not long ago, IZP chairman Luo Feng attended the Premier Li’s entrepreneur forum and made important speech, which let IZP gradually “surfaced”. Recently, Luo Feng went to www.haiwainet.cn web studio sharing his opinions on Big data, cross-border e-commerce, payment, etc. Don't talk about dream and only talk about the goal, think globally and determine to win.
    Luo Feng is in www.haiwainet.cn web studio

    “Reversed type of innovation” facilitates IZP global layout

    The successful people must excel in a specific field.

    Luo Feng is a rigorous and serious engineer with the quality of a geek; an elegant suit presents a tall and handsome image, and his gentle temperament is also impressing. During two hours of interview, Luo Feng was talking about strategic position and target and layout with clear logic, his unique and innovative thinking and spirit of adventure are infectious.

    At the beginning of the interview, the topic was about entrepreneur forum chaired by Prime Li. Two things are impressive: “Encourage people to start their own businesses and to make innovation” proposed by Premier Li; the other is to create fair opportunities. IZP development is a process of “Reversed type of innovation”.

    Luo Feng said that IZP has been operating Big data platform from very beginning and now established Big data platforms in 89 countries and regions in the world. “We found some very interesting phenomenon through the Big data platform. In some African countries, for example, women like to have their hair straightened; in Venezuela, Electric cooker can sell up to 200 dollars. Such information is very valuable for Chinese goods going out.”

    Through Big data platforms deployed globally, IZP can effectively help Chinese enterprises to understand the global market demand and consumption tendency. As China's first innovative cross-border marketing network, IZP can make Chinese enterprise brands reach every corner of the world; Through investment on overseas bonded warehouse, trade cooperation zone, main overseas logistics, IZP set up the cross-border logistics network; Through its payment platform Globebill, IZP established acceptance and cross-border settlement platform covering 104 countries.

    In June 2014, Luo Feng, on behalf of IZP cross-border settlement platform Globebill, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Poland eCardS.A. The figure shows Luo Feng together with president of Poland eCardS.A.

    “Globebill’s mission is to let people use their local currencies, even if it is a string of shells, they can also use it to pay for the goods from all over the world.”

    In the speech, Luo Feng showed a picture that being referred to as “charismatic iceberg”.
    The iceberg shown by Luo Feng.

    “China has a population of 1.3 billion, but the world's population reached 7 billion, 80% of the population just like the sea iceberg underwater, their demand for Chinese goods are strong, mysterious, but full of consumption ability; on the other hand, Low cost smart phones, 4G technology have brought the rapid growth of Internet users, which make it more convenient for the overseas consumers to buy Chinese goods.” “Through our infrastructure in a foreign country, especially in overseas marketing network, electronic customs clearance standard, overseas bonded warehouse, overseas trade cooperation zone, overseas issuing organization building a strong foundation in the coming years, all enterprises can produce abroad in the future, and sell goods around the world through cross-border e-commerce.”

    “Companies' overseas market is no longer subject to foreign middlemen, and can directly face the consumers around the world, achieving the shortest supply chain - F2C (Factory to Consumer). Through the innovation model of F2C, we will also greatly optimize cost of each link of the supply chain.” 

    “Haixuan” leads the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem construction

    Besides “Double 11” and “Double 12” online shopping festival carnivals, Haixuan that being launched in September 2014 was rising as a new force.

    “You are able to choose from our massive commodities.” Luo Feng said that Haixuan has become a cross-border e-commerce platform with the largest range of categories and global commodities. There are 5000 brands and 100,000 products right now. “We are the only one!” Luo Feng indicated that he never shopped online before, but now he is the loyal fan of Haixuan.

    At present, Aliababa and JD have also started to deploy cross-border e-commerce layout, and who will be taken as a rival? As an important platform of IZP cross-border e-commerce, how to position Haixuan?
    Luo Feng replied: “I didn't see the rival, what I think about is the incremental market.”

    “Haixuan is also the top domestic social shopping site. On the platform, you can not only buy goods, but also can recommend, share, communicate and do social networking, and the platform also has game and lottery.”
    Haixuan is designed to catering the need of China's rising middle class.

    “Their consumption psychology is mature, and their desire is not a luxury but a real and distinctive product from the origin country. They want to know about the brand culture and directly communicate with brand owners.”
    “Many platforms just provide a “platform” for some so-called “Haitao (agent)” merchants. They cannot establish a communication platform and channel with consumers. Haixuan has obvious advantages with special services.”

    From the very beginning, we had insisted on the principle of “Never selling fake products” in both import and export trades. Haixuan.com is only open to the brand owners or brand agents, excluding commodity owners.The whole process of commodities being shipped to China and stored in our bonded warehouse can be supervised by us.

    The commodities in Haixuan have low prices, some even lower than the country of origin. That is benefit from our cross-border infrastructure construction. Our platform is docking with customs, and Chinese citizens do not need to pay tax abroad.

    Under the optimistic prospect of industry trends and policies, Haixuan is about to construct a benign cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. Haixuan is eager to “simplify your beautiful life”. 

    "The global population distribution table" brings huge business opportunities for Chinese enterprise
    In October 2014, IZP purchased Parma Airport which is the fourth largest international airport in Italy. The strategic significance under the acquisition

    Parma airport has two usages, one is import, European goods are being shipped to bonded warehouses in China directly to reduce logistics cost of consumers; another is export, turning Parma into a “showcase” and “Silk Road Station” for Chinese goods facing Europe and the Middle East and north Africa. In the future, IZP group will further expand the scale of Parma airport to become a China-Europe logistics center for global enterprises, further enhancing Parma airport’s important position in the world. Then, IZP will combine their own advantages on the cross-border payment tool - Globebill, focusing on the key links of cross-border trade to solve bottleneck problems facing cross-border enterprises, such as merchants, logistics and payment.

    Luo Feng smiled and said, there is a table on his computer desktop – “global population distribution table”. “I feel exited whenever I look at the table.” “Just like the feeling you look at the iceberg?” reported made a joke.
    Actually, there is a World Map hanging on the wall of Luo Feng’s office.

    Luo Feng said: “Nigeria has 140 million people, Indonesia has 220 million people, Latin America has 570 million people. The demand for Chinese products has likely been from this huge amount of population. Similarly, Chinese enterprises and China's manufacturing industry also want to go out and transfer capacity. Through innovation on technology and model and the construction of infrastructure, IZP is helping Chinese enterprises, products and brands to penetrate into the 80% of the iceberg under water, and that is practical and feasible.” “It makes me feel excited and my blood is burning.”

    Don't talk about dream, because dream is tremendous. With global layout, Luo Feng and IZP are climbing and overthrowing in the road of innovation……