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  • China Development Bank, IZP group and the Export-Import Bank of China jointly held “2015 Green Finance and Green Economic Development Summit”


    On June 26 to 28, “2015 Green Finance and Green Economic Development Summit" held in Guiyang. As one of the special subject of “2015 Guiyang International Forum for Ecological Civilization”, the summit was jointly organized by China Development Bank, IZP group, Export-Import Bank of China and Bank of China. 
    Guizhou provincial party committee standing committee and executive vice governor Gin Ru Bei gave a speech of welcome, president of Export-Import Bank of China governor Liu Lian Ge, president of Agricultural Bank of China Zhang Yun, Director of People's Bank of China research council Liu Lei, United Nations environment programme (unep) Sustainable finance project co-director Simon Zadek, IZP group chairman Luo Feng, and many well-known financial experts and leaders both at home and abroad made keynote speeches around the topic of Green finance and Green Economy. With the excellent speech and wisdom collision of the “financial VIPs”, participants are being offered with “Green Finance Banquet”.
    Guizhou provincial party committee standing committee and executive vice governor Gin Ru Bei gave a speech of welcome  
    IZP Group chairman Luo Feng made keynote speech
    Green Finance and Green Economic development special summit scene
    IZP group chairman Luo Feng said in his keynote speech of "Construction financial infrastructure serving One Belt and One Road strategy”, as to the One Belt and One Road layout, the construction of RMB-denominated cross-border payments, clearing and financial service facilities has important strategic significance.
    IZP’s cross-border financial company Globebill is the largest and earliest domestic cross-border payment solutions provider. In April 2015, Globebill signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia, formally entered Saudi Arabia to set up card organization. Saudi Arabia is China's largest oil import partner. Globebill’s project has strategic significance in the fields of national energy and financial security. In June 2015, Globebill gained Lithuania bank card settlement license that allowed Globebill issue EURO-RMB dual-currency credit card to catering the €600 billion euro cross-border settlement demand between China and Europe, promoting trade facilitation.
    During the the summit, the participants discussed green finance boosting green economic development thoroughly, the topics included: the challenges of global green finance and green economy on the basis of global analysis; the role of the government in the relationship with green transformation; how the financial aspects deal with and implement the green investment for the green financial development, promoting the development of green economy and the sustainable development of green industry.