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  • IZP chairman Luo Feng signed a card organization agreement under the witness of China’s Premier Li Ke Qiang and Belgium’s Prime Minister Michel


    IZP’s Globebill signed a card organization agreement cooperation agreement with Cnext under the witness of China’s Premier Li Ke Qiang and Belgium’s Prime Minister Michel.
    On June 29, Belgian Prime Minister and Chinese Premier met in Brussels, they witnessed the signature of cooperation documents and met with reporters within two hours of time, but the two sides discussed widely and deeply. Premier Li encouraged financial institutions of both countries to carry out the strategic cooperation between, providing strong support for the entity economic cooperation. In particular, Premier Li and Prime Minister Michel witnessed the signature of a card organization cooperation agreement between IZP’s Globebill and Cnext.
    After IZP and Lithuania's Central Bank signed a bank card settlement agreement On June 22, IZP signed another agreement with Cnext. The both sides will work together for issuing Euro-RMB dual-currency credit card, supporting bilateral cross-border trade that being settled based on RMB.
    Belgium is located in the heart of Europe, is the headquarters of the European Union. Globebill will take Belgium as a starting point, gradually set up a settlement network covering the entire Europe, and build a global bank card organization that provides cross-border settlement, RMB-local currency dual-currency services. Globebill intends to become Chinese power in international settlements market.
    Globebill is a cross-border payment financial company of IZP group, providing SMEs with cross-border payment financial service. At present, Globebill has covered acceptance and payment networks in more than 104 countries and regions with the largest cross-border payment platform in China. Globebill is committed to reduce the financial and payment cost for Chinese enterprises participating in global trade, improving Chinese enterprises cross-border trade facilitation.
    Based on the old trade financial system between, U.S. dollar is the intermediate currency for cross-border trade settlement between China and Europe, which has brought high payment cost and exchange risk to China's small and medium-sized enterprises, and weaken the profits and competitiveness of them in the international trade. Globebill has been deploying clearing and settlement financial network system based on RMB from 2013. In Europe, Globebill accepted bank card settlement license issued by the central bank of Lithuania, which allowed Globebill access to the entire European retail and acceptance system (SEPA - MMS) and real time clearing and settlement system RTGS, realizing the connection with EU financial settlement system.
    At the same time, Globebill’s innovated cross-border trade settlement VCCN (Virtual Cross - border Credit Network) financial network is an effective alternative to the letter of credit in the traditional trade and financial system. We can further save the transaction cost of cross-border trade, helping a large number of small and medium enterprises to participate in the international trade competition fairly.