About IZP

IZP is a global leading group company of internet cross-border trade and big data, marketing in many countries and regions in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, etc. and having three business sectors: big data, finance and trade facilitation.

OBOR Big Data Center

“OBOR” big data center is an important information infrastructure of “OBOR” strategy, building of “OBOR” big data center will help the governments and enterprises along the line understand basic information, economic dynamics, industry dynamics, latest news, latest policies and social public opinions, etc. of each region and help them better make investment and development. On this basis, IZP and National Development and Reform Commission Information Center co-build “OBOR” big data center.

Financial Center

IZP’s finance sector can be divided into three parts:
NGP financial ecology
Through supervision layer, platform layer, business layer and terminal layer; KYC system, risk control system, credit system and intersection & connectivity system, Panpay establishes the next-generation payment system. Safeguarding the safety bottom line, and making innovations in payment means, we provide users with holistic services in finance and payment, thus ensuring the safe and efficient financial channel for economic growth.
HuaChu is the Globebill’s innovative science payment product that based on the identity authentication, include urban management, people daily life and all kinds of daily services. Realize the integration of existing information construction and related resources, building the unified Information data exchange & share platform and data center, with a view to the development of future wisdom city, lay emphasis on government public management, financial service, social security, consumption, get through the Each department service barrier,  to achieve an organic whole of the government public service, social service, business service, financial service, and provide the series services to meet the demand of common People's Daily life, in order to provide citizens with convenient, fast, high-quality and safe payment services.
FINE financial solutions
The next development stage of Internet third-party payment agency is the transformation upgrading of comprehensive financial platform based on big data, which is also an absolute trend of transition of global banks and financial industry. Globebill takes the initiative to establish FINE (Finance in Enterprise, bank at your home), which is an innovative mode to provide more convenient financial services for quite a few enterprises on the basis of Internet. The services will be extended to the whole upstream and downstream industry chains centered on core enterprises, so as to transform to the new FINE mode in combination of industry chain and financial chain.

Trade Facilitation

Global Port Alliance

IZP and China Merchants Group establish a joint venture company “Silk Road E-Merchants” to co-build global port alliance platform. Now the platform has covered 29 ports and 55 wharfs in the world, with annual cargo handling capacity of 80 million standard containers. Global port alliance platform creates a new port ecosystem based on innovative customs clearance standard, transnational clearance mode and application of port big data.

Silk Road Station

IZP constructs the Silk Road stations along “OBOR” line, mainly including five core modules:
1、“Economy radar” and marketing network of big data;
2、Large region-oriented commodity exhibition and trading center;
3、Standard electronic service system of customs clearance;
4、Large free trade area-oriented bonded export processing zone;
5、Five parts of cross-border payment, clearing and finance service facilities. “The Silk Road Station” is the new trade zone that can help lots of Chinese enterprises go out.